CONTEST: Getaway for 2 at the Treehouse on Harrison Lake


Enter to win a getaway for 2 at the Treehouse on Harrison Lake... 

Who doesn't want to enjoy peace and quiet, relax to the calming sounds of the lake and marvel at the stunning views of Mt. Cheam in a tastefully decorated log cabin located on Harrison Lake in Harrison Hot Springs??

Well, here’s what you've got to do to be our lucky winner:

Visit your local BC Liquor Store and look for our Craft Cooler display. You know the one that features 12 hand-crafted, tasty brews all packaged up in one beauty of a box, ready to take you on an adventure. At the display, you'll find out how to enter!

You don't need to purchase a Craft Cooler to win, but until the end of the month, you'll SAVE $2 on them, so take advantage of that too while you're at it! It's as simple as that! The contest and the $2 off promo runs until November 24, so don't miss out. Good luck friends!

You must be 19+ to enter this contest. No purchase necessary to win. Cheers!