Hand-crafted in Chilliwack, brewed for adventure

We believe the story of our hand-crafted beer can’t be fully told using words alone. The beer’s story has to be experienced one sip at a time. We only brew beer that we love to drink, so when it comes to telling our story, we let our beer do the talking…

four season line-up

Beer that pairs perfectly with wherever your adventure takes you, all year-long. From exploring Mt. Thom, to taking a stroll along Vedder River or just kicking back on a relaxing Sunday, our Four Season Line-up is Yours to Explore.

trailblazer series

When you’re blazing new trails, we believe the journey is as important as the destination. We’ve used lessons from our 20+ years of persistence, struggles, patience and triumphs to create our Trailblazer Series: bold new flavors and ingredients, combined to craft truly one-of-a kind beers for your drinking pleasure.

simply steeped tea radlers

We’ve simply steeped unique tea blends with a crisp Golden Ale to create our sessionable Tea Radler series. Brewed for exploring the little moments, like relaxing fireside, enjoying your backyard or kicking back poolside in the sun - collecting experiences, simply steeped in adventure. *Simply Steeped Tea Radlers are available seasonally.