Beer Cocktail: Caramel Macchiato Stout


Sweet and delicious, this beer cocktail tastes like a caramel macchiato... that's right Starbucks, we're coming for you!

This one is BREW-tiful and we really love it a LATTE, seriously... words cannot ESPRESSO how much we enjoyed this one! But enough with the coffee puns, here's how you make this delicious beer cocktail...

PS. There is no actual coffee added to this beer cocktail


• Old Yale Brewing Sasquatch Stout, ABV 5.0%, IBU 15
• Caramel Vodka
• Kahlua
• Whip cream

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, add 1 oz. Caramel Vodka

Step 2:
Add 1 oz. Kalhua and stir

Step 3:
Fill the remainder of the glass with our award-winning Sasquatch Stout

Step 4:
Top with a mountain of whip cream and enjoy!!

Serves 1