cellar-aged vanilla cardamom imperial red


Limited cellar-aged release available in November 2019

A brillant bouquet of flavours

ALC: 10.0%

IBU: 45

Hops: Magnum, Mandarin Bavara, Amarillo

Malt: Amber, Pale, Munich, Crystal 80

Availability: 650ml bomber

For the past 12 months, we’ve been cellar aging this brew, originally brewed last Fall! We conditioned it on American Oak, creating a multitude of layers and complexities. Robust and bold, with a soft, velvety texture that is elevated by a burst of citrus and a hint of spice. This brilliant bouquet of flavours is balanced out with a rich malt base and a touch of Vanilla. Find our Vanilla Cardamom Imperial Red in the Old Yale Tasting Room.