Hand-crafted in Chilliwack, brewed for adventure

We believe the story of our hand-crafted beer can’t be fully told using words alone. The beer’s story has to be experienced one sip at a time. We only brew beer that we love to drink, so when it comes to telling our story, we let our beer do the talking…

four season line-up

Beer that pairs perfectly with wherever your adventure takes you, all year-long. From exploring Mt. Thom, to taking a stroll along Vedder River or just kicking back on a relaxing Sunday, our Four Season Line-up is Yours to Explore.

trailblazer series

When you’re blazing new trails, we believe the journey is as important as the destination. We’ve used lessons from our 20+ years of persistence, struggles, patience and triumphs to create our Trailblazer Series: bold new flavors and ingredients, combined to craft truly one-of-a kind beers for your drinking pleasure.

simply steeped tea radlers

We’ve simply steeped unique tea blends with a crisp Golden Ale to create our sessionable Tea Radler series. Brewed for exploring the little moments, like relaxing fireside, enjoying your backyard or kicking back poolside in the sun - collecting experiences, simply steeped in adventure. *Simply Steeped Tea Radlers are available seasonally.

old yale craft Crowlers - COMING LATE OCTOBER 2019

There’s nothing quite like fresh craft beer straight from the tap… that’s why we offer our Old Yale Craft Crowlers, so that you can experience that freshness outside of our Brewery. These 32 oz. cans are filled from our taps, seamed and labelled in our Tasting Room right in front of you, creating the perfect fresh companion for your adventures. *Available in Four Season Brews and select limited releases