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NEW Beer: Yeti White Stout

Looks who’s back with it’s light colour but oh so dark intentions…it’s our Tall Tale Series, Yeti White Stout.

Sasquatch’s frozen cousin, hailing from the highest mountain peaks, is a mysterious and elusive beast. Except for it’s ink-black eyes, the Yeti camouflages perfectly with its frigid surroundings. Though white and fluffy at fist glance, don’t let its innocent appearance fool you; many snowshoe tracks have ended abruptly in it’s territory.

This full-bodied White Stout will deceive your eyes and your taste buds with its dark chocolate, coffee & vanilla flavour and it’s creamy finish.

ABV: 8%

Hops: Goldings

Malt: Belgian Pilsner, Peated Malt, Oats

Find our Yeti NOW in the Old Yale Tasting Room or buy it from one of our trusted retail partners (it’ll be in stores next week – this one is a limited brew so scoop it up while you can!).

Cheers friends!