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Brewery address:

44550 South Sumas Rd. Chilliwack, BC V2R5M3 There is a $100 deposit per keg as well as a $50 deposit per hand pump. All deposits must be on credit card. Deposits will be refunded when equipment is returned with the credit card used for transaction. All equipment must be returned within 7 days of pick up date. Failure to return equipment on time will result in the forfeiture of deposits. *All kegs are subject to availability*

Style 20L 50L
Knotty Blonde Ale $99 $197
Off Trail Pale Ale $109 $209
Westcoast IPA $109 $209
Mango Wheat $109 $209
Head Shaker Honey Lager $99 $194
River Valley Amber $99 $194
Sasquatch Stout   $109 $209

Hand Pump Required?