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Old Yale Molkky Tournament

  • Old Yale Brewing 404-44550 South Sumas Road Chilliwack Canada (map)

We’re hosting our first-ever tournament at Old Yale on Saturday, August 24th! It’s the Old Yale Molkky Tournament!!

If you’re asking “what the hell is Molkky”? You’re probably not alone, but we assure you, it’s a REALLY fun lawn game that you’ll love…

Molkky is a Finnish throwing game that is essentially bocce ball meets lawn bowling meets cornhole and it’s really fun! So we decided to create our own mini tournament alongside one of our killer parking lot parties. Here’s what on tap for the day:

  • Molkky Tournament

  • Outdoor beer garden with our Craft Camper (beer trailer)

  • Live music

  • Food truck

  • Regular outdoor games

  • And more!

The tournament will run from 12pm-6pm, the full event will run 11am-9pm, with the Tasting Room open until 10pm. This event is pet and family friendly AND you do not have to play in the tournament to join us! One section of our parking lot will be dedicated to the games and the other will just be a regular ol’ fashioned party!

Get all the details and register your team (2 people) below. 


The tournament:

There are 32 team spots open in the Old Yale Molkky Tournament. Teams are made up of 2 people. Starting promptly at 12pm (players should arrive at 11am), the tournament will run till approximately 6pm with teams being eliminated each round. There will be multiple prizes up for grabs including (but not limited to) the winning team, runner up, best team name and best team outfits! So get creative! Teams can register using the below form or email our Events Coordinator directly at – team registrations are $15 (cash, debit or credit card – once your registration is received, our team will contact you to arrange payment).

PS. Molkky Tournament players get $5 pints all day! 


Molkky rules: 

The pins are placed in a formation (see picture). For the first game, the throwing order is drawn using a coin toss. In following games, the throwing order is formed according to the previous game results from lowest to highest score. The throwing line should sit approx. 3-4 metres away from the pin formation. Teams are responsible for score keeping. Referees are available in case of concern/issue during play. The first player throws at the grouping and tries to knock over the pins. Molkky is always thrown underhand (bowling is not permitted).

If one pin falls, the score = the number on the pin (ex. knocking over only the pin with the number 5 on it, results in 5 points). When more than one fall, the score = the number of fallen pins. (ex. knocking 3 pins over, results in 3 points). A pin is not considered fallen if it is leaning on another pin or on the Molkky throwing stick. After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where they fell within the designated playing area. If the pin falls outside the area, the Referee will assist in placing it just inside the lines of the playing area, parallel to it’s original landing place. 

If a player on a team misses (has no score) three times in a row, his/her team is out of the game. The game ends when the first team reaches exactly 50 points. If the team scores over 50, that team’s score is lowered to 25. 

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