Yeti: The Man (?), The Myth, The Legend

 For decades, you have heard the stories of an elusive Fur-Covered beast named Sasquatch. Documentaries have been made, sightings have been claimed, and even scientists have taken their go at proving his existence. But too often, Sasquatch takes the spotlight away from his fascinating cousin… The Yeti.


 The history of the Yeti began with the Himalayan Folklores, telling the Tall Tale of a very large, muscular, man-like creature covered in White Fur, living in the snow-covered mountains of Asia. The stories often portray the Yeti as a dangerous brute and was used to warn local residents and children about the dangers of exploring too far outside of the villages and encourage them to stay safe and close to the communities.

 The folklore began to spread across the nations, eventually having the tales make their way throughout Russia, China, Nepal, and even all the way over to us, in North America. Becoming well known as the Abominable Snowman, the search for proof of his existence traces all the way back to 326 BC, when Alexander the Great ordered to have locals bring him the beast after his conquering of the Indus Valley. Since then countless people have been on the hunt.  In fact, National Geographic even created a show documenting a team of explorers’ pursuit of the Yeti.


Still at large, it really is difficult to not want to believe in such a terrifying and mysterious creature. And while we may never have solid evidence that this folklore is more than just a folklore, we can take a little comfort knowing that we can safely enjoy its presence in the form of a nice, cold Tall Pint.

As tribute to this occult beast we at Old Yale Brewing have re-released our Yeti White Stout, as part of our Tall Tale Series. But its appearance is here for a short time, making it as rare as the folklore itself. So be sure to stop in our Tasting Room or one of the participating Private Liquor Stores to have your own Yeti sighting, before it’s too late.

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