New Beer: Devilfish IPA

An old Tall Tale Series favourite has made it's infamous return...


Re-introducing our Devilfish IPA with all it's tropical hop and smooth malt goodness. A daringly simple IPA, the Devilfish was crafted using only the essentials: special amber malt and Australian Ella hops.

ABV: 5.5%

HOPS: Ella

MALT: Special Amber

Legend has it that Cultus Lake is bottomless and connects to the ocean via underground rivers. These waterways have brought a whole new species of predators to Cultus; the Devilfish. Rumoured to be 6 feet in length with no known enemies, the Devilfish rarely reveals itself -- enjoy your swim, but watch where you kick your feet.


The Devilfish's tropical notes and smooth finish are best savoured with a spicy seafood dish. Find this 650ml bomber (available for a limited time) in your local Private Liquor Store, the Old Yale Tasting Room and on tap in your favourite restaurants and bars. Cheers, friends!