Beer Cocktail: Strawberry Blonde

We’re berry excited to share our new Beer Cocktail recipe with you just in time for the summer heat. Kick back and relax with our Strawberry Blonde beer cocktail featuring our refreshing Knotty Blonde Ale.



  • 0.5oz Red Berry Ciroc

  • 2oz Strawberry Tea Vodka

  • Approx. 9.5oz. Knotty Blonde Ale

  • Strawberry

Here’s how to craft your own Strawberry Blonde:

Step 1: Combine 0.5oz Red Berry Cîroc and 2oz Strawberry Tea Vodka in your 12 oz Old Yale Brewing glass.

Step 2: Top up the glass with approx. 9.5oz of Knotty Blonde Ale

Step 3: Garnish with a juicy strawberry

Yep, it’s just that easy…

Serves 1