Beer Cocktail Recipe: Maple Bacon Stout


It doesn't get more Canadian than this beer cocktail. Our award-winning Sasquatch Stout mixed with maple syrup, whiskey and bacon?? Just try to resist, we dare you...


• Old Yale Brewing Sasquatch Stout, ABV 5.0%, IBU 15
• Maple syrup
• Rye Whiskey
• BACON!!!

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, add 2 oz. of Maple Syrup

Step 2:
Mix in 1 oz. of Rye Whiskey

Step 3:
Fill the remainder of the glass with our award-winning Sasquatch Stout

Step 4:
Stir it up and garnish with some tasty bacon

Serves 1

Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager... feel free to thank her for this one personally in the tasting room, eh?