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NEW: Craft Cooler & River Valley Amber

We’ve finally accepted that it’s time to embrace the Fall/Winter season at Old Yale Brewing… so with that, it’s out with the Summer Craft Cooler mix and in with the NEW Winter variety pack!! That’s right, we’ve refreshed our Craft Cooler 12-pack mix with some new and existing tasty brews.

Here’s the new line-up:

+ NEW River Valley Amber (5.0%) – a deep, rich colour accompanied by notes of toasted malt & caramel, and a smooth, refreshing finish. A rare blend of both balance and complexity.

+ Sasquatch Stout (5.0%) – our award-winning Stout, smooth with notes of mocha, coffee and roasted barley. And for the first time, in 355ml cans in a mix-pack

+ West Coast IPA (6.0%) – packed with over 50lbs of the much sought after Citra and Galaxy Hops, boasting huge hop flavor, but also a balanced drinkability.

+ Knotty Blonde Ale (5.0%) – Old world hops meet new, carefully crafted to have a subtle grapefruit flavor with a frothy, creamy head. Clean and crisp, rounding out this perfect adventure mix-pack!

Our Craft Cooler 12-pack is available NOW in the Old Yale Tasting Room and will be hitting your local BC and Private Liquor Store shelves in next few weeks. And stay tuned for the River Valley Amber, this new brew will be on tap soon in your favourite restaurants, bars and the Tasting Room soon! 

With the addition of our new River Valley Amber, we sadly, had to retire one of our all-season brews. As much as we all LOVE our trusty, Old Paddle Pilsner, it’s time for it to go on ‘sabbatical’. If you see a 6-pack of this tasty brew with it’s distinctive malt, traditional, pick it up as it won’t be around for much longer! Cheers to all the adventures we had with our Old Paddle Pilsner, and the new ones to come!

NEW BREW: Weekend Warrior Double IPA

Weekend Warriors unite!! It’s back, its finally back…

Back in March of this year, we released a super limited, keg-only brew, the Weekend Warrior Double IPA, and it didn’t last long! After receiving tons of requests, our most hop-forward beer to date is back in action. And this time, it’s available in 473ml tall cans!

ABV: 8.0%

Hops: Chinook, Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus

Malt: ESB, Crystal

The Weekend Warrior Double IPA is a flurry of flavour. Chinook, Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus deliver that classic West Coast Hop Punch. Pine and resin are supported by a hint of tropical citrus, with a pinch of dank goodness rounding it out. Hop forward all the way, with a bit of malt to make this a true Weekend Warrior’s treat.

Joining our Trailblazer Series; a single batch limited release line that is here today, gone forever, the brew is limited (not as limited as the first round) but make sure you get it while it lasts. You can pick up a 473ml 4-pack in the Old Yale Tasting Room, Private Liquor Stores and you can try it on tap in your local restaurants and bars!

Cheers friends!


We’re hiring! Senior Brewer

The Senior Brewer will work with the Brewmaster and will complete all functions of a production brewery. Much of the job is manual labor which includes physical lifting, moving, and carrying of equipment. The Senior Brewer will also assist with recipe formulation, creative input and operations. They will need to be self-motivated and directed but also be willing to take direction the Brewmaster and General Manager. Attention to detail and procedures is of the upmost importance while maintaining safe and health regulatory compliance. The Senior Brewer is an integral member of the Brewery team and will assist with a multitude of functions from brewer production to assisting with end customer interaction.

Read more

Guest Blog: How to spend a rainy day in Chilliwack

Written by We are the Northern, originally posted here: http://wearethenorthern.com/chilliwackbc/


Alright, here’s the thing. Chilliwack is freakin’ cool and you guys need to visit soon. Hop on the greyhound (while you can… RIP greyhound) and get your butts here. We’ve got an adventure packed day planned for you that really can’t be missed. If you’re bored in August, check out our 1-day itinerary for a rainy day in Chilliwack, BC.

FIRST STOP: Cookies Grill (www.cookiesgrill.ca)

Okay so, I want to give Cookie’s Grill ALL of the love. But I also kinda want to keep it a secret… because it really is a hidden gem and I don’t want my favourite breakfast spot overcrowding. But, here goes nothing – because the world needs more love, and more pancakes – am I right?

Cookies Grill is one of those places every breakfast lover dreams of. Affordable prices, big portions, and endless amounts of shredded (or cubed, if that’s how you roll) hashbrowns. A must visit if you’re looking for some tasty eats to kick your day off.


SECOND STOP: Chilliwack Sunflower Festival (www.chilliwacksunflowerfest.com)

First of all, the Sunflower Festival is the new Tulip Festival. Just wanted to clear that up.

Second of all – sunflowers can get BIG. Like… blooms the size of your head, leaves the size of two of your heads, big. Oh, and at least 8 feet tall. Nature, you’re pretty neat.

Third, and most important of all: posing for the gram is HARD. Why do people make it look so easy? It’s really not. Where are you supposed to put your hands? And don’t even get me started on figuring out where you’re supposed to look. You REALLY need to practice your poses before you get here, because let me tell you, the photo ops are endless.

Regardless of the level of difficulty, head to the Sunflower Fest. for the gram, a breath of fresh air, a connection to mother nature, and also pick up some fresh cut sunflowers at $1.50 a pop. You won’t regret it, and neither will your Insta followers.

THIRD STOP: Old Yale Brewing (www.oldyalebrewing.com)

Okay. Okay. So, we’re a little biased because OYB is one of our (amazing) clients (we take pics for them, mostly!). But, Old Yale really is a must-visit if you’re ever passing through Chilliwack. Their tasting room was recently renovated, they’ve got (seriously good) hand-crafted beer on tap, and have something cool going on pretty much every day of the week. Like music? Open mic night, Sundays. Like casks? “Blast from the cask”, every Wednesday. Like cool people? Well, every day of the week.

Be sure to fill a growler and take it home with you so the fun can continue after your adventure-packed day.

And, that concludes one of the (many) awesome days you could have in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Stop by for a visit, and tell us if you did by tagging us in your Instagram photos – @wearethenorthern.

Beer Cocktail: Pina Colada

If you like Pina Coaldas and getting caught in the rain, then our newest beer cocktail is perfect for you! It’s our Pina Colada Hazy ISA amplified with Coconut Rum and Pineaplle Juice. Topped with fresh Pineapple and a little umbrella, this one will transport you to a tropical paradise. Make it home with easy peasy recipe below…


• Old Yale Brewing Pina Colada Hazy ISA – 5=4.5%
• Malibu Coconut Rum
• Pineapple Juice
• Fresh Pineapple
• Little Umbrella (just for fun!)

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, add 1 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum

Step 2:
Add 3oz. of Pineapple Juice

Step 3:
Fill the remainder of your glass with our Trailblazer Series Pina Colada Hazy ISA and garnish with a fresh Pineapple chunk and a little umbrella

It’s that easy! Cheers, friends!

Serves 1

Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager.


NEW BREW: Head Shaker Honey Lager

We’re so excited to announce our newest collaboration beer, Head Shaker Honey Lager. We made this Summer and outdoor-inspired brew with former Vancouver Canuck, Brendan Morrison and his team at Reel West Coast, an exciting new cinematic lifestyle fishing show. With our mutual love for fishing and the outdoors, together, we’ve created a refreshing Lager made with local Chilliwack Honey, that tastes best outside, especially near water!

Hops: Hersbrucker, Magnum

Malt: Pale, Vienna, Honey

A collaboration with Reel West Coast, this Honey Lager is crafted for an outdoor lifestyle. Local honey adds a touch of sweetness that pairs perfectly with the clean, crisp Lager finish; A truly can’t miss West Coast experience.

To celebrate the launch of the Head Shaker Honey Lager, we’re throwing a party in our parking lot on Saturday, July 21, join us for ‘Tight Lines and Good Times’, you can grab the full details here.

This tasty NEW brew is AVAILABLE NOW in 355ml 6-packs in the Old Yale Tasting Room and Private Liquor Stores. This is a limited release, so make sure you get it while it lasts!



Beer Cocktail: Brass Monkey

Our Tasting Room Manager, Joanna is at it again with her newest and easy-to-make beer cocktail recipe!! Introducing the Old Yale Brewing Brass Monkey made with Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier. Grab the recipe below…


• Old Yale Brewing Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier, ABV 5.0%
• Vodka
• Spiced Rum
• Orange Juice
• Orange Bitters
• Mint
• Marashino Cherries

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, add 1 oz. Vodka and 1 oz. Spiced Rum

Step 2:
Add 4oz. of Orange Juice and 4 dashes of Orange Bitters

Step 3:
Fill the remainder of your glass with our Tall Tale Series Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier and garnish with a Marashino Cherry and mint!

Simple as that!!

Serves 1

Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager.


Knotty Blonde Ale gets a little taller…

Fans of our crisp, clean & straightforward Knotty Blonde Ale, gather ’round! We’ve got some exciting news…

This tasty brew is NOW AVAILABLE in 473ml tall cans. And it’s single (and ready to mingle), meaning it’s available in singles! No 4-pack, 6-pack etc. needed! You can pick this bad boy up in the Tasting Room, BC and Private Liquor Stores.

Old world hops meet new in our Knotty Blonde; carefully crafted to have a subtle grapefruit flavor with a frothy, creamy head. Clean and crisp, this beer pairs best with lighter meals like a salad or your favourite sushi.

ALC %: 5.0
HOPS: Hersbrucker, Galaxy
MALT: Wheat, 2-row Pale
IBU: 15

Find our beer near you here. Cheers to Knotty Blonde Ale summer adventures, friends!



NEW 4-PACK: Pina Colada Hazy ISA

If you’re a fan of Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain and our new Hazy ISA, you are in major luck!!

We LOVE our summer cocktail inspired brew so much that we decided it wasn’t quite enough to have it on tap and in 355ml cans in our new Craft Camper variety 8-pack. Nope, it just wasn’t enough. So we’ve NOW made it available in these beauties: 473ml tall can 4-packs!!

The brew:

Crafted in a Northeastern IPA style and loaded up with fresh Pineapple, toasted Coconut and two outstanding hops (Vic Secret + El Dorado). Our Hazy ISA delivers a hint of juicy sweetness and heaps of tropical flavor. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. This is the beer that you’ve looked for, come drink with us and escape…

ABV: 4.5%

Hops: Vic Secret, El Dorado

Malt: Pale, Vienna, Oats

The Pina Colada Hazy ISA joins our Trailblazer Series; a single batch limited release line that is here today, gone forever. Pick up your tall can 4-pack (473ml) in the Old Yale tasting room and Private Liquor stores. Also available on tap and in 355ml cans in our new variety 8-pack: Craft Camper.

Cheers to Summer friends!!

NEW BREW: Bloom Tulip Ale

We’ve been busy busy beer makes this past month with all our new limited releases AND we’re so excited to share the newest with you!

To celebrate Spring, we got together with our friends at the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival, we bloomed and brewed a truly one-of-a-kind collaboration beer that perfectly showcases the beauty of fresh air, mountain views and endless colours in the Fraser Valley. Introducing our Bloom Tulip Ale!

This brew was lovingly hand-crafted with 2,000 fresh cut tulips from the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival. Upfront is a clean, crisp ale with the tulips adding to an incredibly refreshing finish AND an incredible colour. The beer is blue! Yes, you read that right, the beer is blue!! Even cooler than that, if you add a slice of lemon to your brew, it turns purple. Whaaaaaaaat!

ABV: 4.5%

Hops: Yellow Sub, Azacca (relatively new hop varieties!)

Malt: BC Pale, Wheat, Wheat Flakes


This tasty NEW brew will be available in tall can 4-packs (473ml) at the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival on Fridays, Saturdays + Sundays, starting TODAY and of course in the Old Yale tasting room. This is a limited release, so make sure you get it while it lasts!!

Cheers to Spring friends.