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Beer Cocktail: Blackberry Bourbon Sour

We’re back at it with another super easy beer cocktail recipe that we love berry much! Feel free to write us a thank you note for this one…


• Old Yale Brewing Kettle Sour Plum Porter, ABV 5.0%
• Blackberry Liqueur
• Bourbon

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, add 1 oz. Blackberry Liqueur

Step 2:
Add 1 oz. of your favourite Bourbon

Step 3:
Fill the remainder of your glass with our Trailblazer brew: Plum Porter Kettle Sour

Easy peasy and oh so tasty!  


Serves 1

Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager.


Introducing Our Craft Camper


Friends meet our Craft Camper, Craft Camper meet our friends!!

When you’re blazing new trails, the journey is as important as the destination and our Craft Camper is ready to take you on all sorts of adventures!! We’re so excited to finally share the variety pack we’ve been working on for months, the Craft Camper. A summer-inspired variety 8-pack that features 4 different hand-crafted sessionable beers (8 x 355ml):

+ Moon Dance Mango Wheat

+ Knotty Blonde Ale

+ BC Backyard Lager

+ NEW Pina Colada Hazy ISA

Our brand new Pina Colada Hazy ISA 355ml can is available exclusively in these 8-packs AND each time we release our Craft Camper, it will feature a new rotating Trailblazer beer! How fun is that??

New brew: 

Based on our favourite summer cocktail, this ISA is crafted in a Northeastern IPA style. Loaded up with fresh Pineapple, toasted Coconut and two outstanding hops; Vic Secret and El Dorado, our Hazy ISA delivers a hint of juicy sweetness and heaps of tropical flavour.

ABV: 4.5%

Hops: Vic Secret, El Dorado

Malt: Pale, Vienna, Oats

Cheers friends!


NEW BREW: Pina Colada Hazy ISA

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain…

Introducing our new brew: Pina Colada Hazy ISA!!

Based on our favourite summer cocktail, this ISA is crafted in a Northeastern IPA style. Loaded up with fresh Pineapple, toasted Coconut and two outstanding hops; Vic Secret and El Dorado, our Hazy ISA delivers a hint of juicy sweetness and heaps of tropical flavour.

ABV: 4.5%

Hops: Vic Secret, El Dorado

Malt: Pale, Vienna, Oats


The Pina Colada Hazy ISA joins our Trailblazer Series; a single batch limited release line that is here today, gone forever. The new brew is ON TAP now in the Old Yale tasting room and your local restaurants and bars, but if you want one of these beautiful cans, you’ll have to wait until next week… If you think this beer sounds amazing (which it absolutely is!), just wait till you see how it’ll be available… ooooh boy.


Cheers friends!


Beer Cocktail: Beermosa

Get your brunch squad ready. We’ve got a super easy beer cocktail recipe for you, perfect for any Sunday Funday you’ve got planned.



• Old Yale Brewing Knotty Blonde Ale, ABV 5.0%
• Dry white sparkling wine
• Orange juice
• Orange slice

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, pour 6 oz. of our crisp, clean & straightforward Knotty Blonde Ale (should be just at the top of the OYB logo)

Step 2:
Add 2 oz. of dry white sparkling wine

Step 3:
Top up with orange juice

Step 4:
Garnish with an orange slice

Serves 1

Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager… feel free to give her a high five next time you stop by.


NEW BREW: Juicy Tropical Hopped Sour

Our newest Trailblazer Beer: Juicy Tropical Hopped Sour is now available!

Our Juicy Tropical Hopped Sour is the newest sour style to hit our single batch limited release Trailblazer Series. Last Spring, we released our unique Fresh Hop Sour Weiss and this past fall, we played around with darker sours with the release of our Kettle Plum Sour Porter. What can we say, at Old Yale, we just love Sours!! With Spring on the horizon, it felt like the perfect time to launch our new Juicy Tropical Hopped Sour.


ABV: 5.5%

Hops: Mosiac, El Dorado

Malt: Pale, Wheat


The Juicy Tropical Hopped Sour is refreshing and tart. Wheat softens the mouthfeel, and lactobacillus, pitched straight into the kettle gives the Sour a refreshing tang. A huge addition of Mosaic hops burst out of the brew, making it a delicious sour fruit bomb that you won’t want to miss out on.

The Juicy Tropical Hopped Sour joins our Trailblazer Series; a single batch limited release line that is here today, gone forever (once we sell out of our first and only batch). You can find this new brew NOW, for a limited time in the tasting room (in flights, pours, growler fills and 650 ml. bottles) and in select Private Liquor stores, restaurants and bars.

Cheers friends!


Hello Summer

At Old Yale Brewing, we’re SO ready for warm weather and outdoor adventures, so we’re saying goodbye to Winter and hello to Summer with the re-release of our Summer Craft Cooler. 12 hand-crafted, tasty brews that come in one easy to carry and even easier to enjoy beauty of a ‘cooler’. Ready to go with you on your next adventure, whether that’s exploring Mt. Thom, taking a stroll along Vedder River or just relaxing on a patio on a Sunday, our Summer Craft Cooler is the perfect adventure buddy.

The brews:

+ Knotty Blonde Ale – 5.0%

Old world hops meet new in our Knotty Blonde; carefully crafted to have a subtle grapefruit flavour with a frothy, creamy head. Clean, crisp and straightforward, this beer goes best with lighter meals like salad or with your favourite sushi.

+ Moon Dance Mango Wheat – 5.0%

Each batch of Moon Dance Mango Wheat is made with 900 fresh, ripe mangos. And, the very smooth texture lets the mango flavour shine through. Try a Moon Dance with your favourite seafood dish.

+ Off Trail Pale Ale – 5.0%

A generous heaping of whole leaf cascade hops are carefully balanced with malted barley and combined to deliver our refreshing Off Trail Pale Ale. We suggest pairing with a juicy burger or your favourite pizza.

+ Old Paddle Pilsner – 5.0%

A tribute to our broken canoe-turned-mixing paddle, Old Paddle Pilsner has a clean malt profile and a hopped finish. Raise a glass to honour our beloved paddle with a mountain of hot wings.

Our Summer Craft Cooler is available now in the Old Yale tasting room, BC Liquor Stores and Private Liquor Stores, use our Beer Locator to find our beer near you. And if you’re not willing to give up on Winter just yet, you can still find our Winter Craft Cooler (Off Trail Pale Ale, West Coast IPA, BC Backyard Lager + Old Paddle Pilsner) in those same locations, but hurry, we’re running low on stock! Cheers to Summer, friends!!

Beer Cocktail: Greyhound IPA

We have the perfect cure for those West Coast rainy day blues, a Greyhound IPA. Seriously though, how delicious does that sound?? Well lucky for you, we’re giving away our secret recipe so that you can make this one at home yourselves!


• Old Yale Brewing West Coast IPA, ABV 6.0%
• Grapefruit juice
• Fresh lime juice
• Rosemary

Step 1:
In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, pour 5 oz. of grapefruit juice

Step 2:
Top up with the bold, hoppy goodness that is our West Coast IPA

Step 3:
Add a splash of fresh lime juice, stir it up and garnish with a sprig of rosemary

Serves 1

Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager… feel free to thank her for this one personally in the tasting room.


Old Yale Brewing’s New Food Menu


We’re so excited to share that the Old Yale tasting room has partnered up with our friends at Curly Kale Eatery to offer our awesome customers a selection of delicious, local food to pair with our tasty brews!! We’ve now got a variety of paninis, wraps, sandwiches and soups, hand-picked from Curly Kale’s amazing menu for you to enjoy with our hand-crafted cold beers in the tasting room.

We only brew beers that we love, so it was only fitting for us to serve food that we love! Curly Kale Eatery and Old Yale Brewing have both been huge supporters of each other over the years, so joining forces was a no brainer!

A little about our friends… Curly Kale Eatery makes real food from scratch with love, using only seasonal, local and organic ingredients. With Magpie’s Bakery and all local farms, like The Local Harvest Market, Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese, Anita’s Organic Mill and Meadow Valley Meats (to name just a few), they bring you the freshest of ingredients.

Here’s the new delicious tasting room menu:

Mike’s Hot Chicken Focaccia – $13.50

Roast chicken, bacon, gouda and pickled vegetables with hot sauce aioli grilled on focaccia. Add a bowl of our daily soup for $2

Grilled Ham & Cheese  – $11.50

Smoked ham with brie cheese and caramelized onions, grilled on white bread. Add a bowl of our daily soup for $2

Vegan Panini – $12.00

Roast peppers, caramelized onions, grilled eggplant, sauteed mushrooms and kale with garlic pesto on multi-grain sourdough. Add a bowl of our daily soup for $2

Steak Wrap – $13.50

Sirlion steak, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, roast peppers and cheddar cheese with cayenne hot sauce on a flour tortilla. Add a bowl of our daily soup for $2

Delicious daily soup – $4.50

And we’ve still go our fresh, Jim’s Pizza available too, for $4 a slice. AND don’t forget on Thursdays (4-9pm) and Sundays (3-7pm), we’ve got our Pizza & Beer deal, $10 gets you a 16 oz. pour and 2 slices.

All of these menu items are available now in the tasting room. We can’t wait for you to try! See you soon!



Press Release: Old Yale Brewing celebrates management team expansion


March 1, 2018 (Chilliwack, BC) – Old Yale Brewing, a craft brewery based in beautiful Chilliwack is excited to announce the expansion of their management team and welcome industry veteran, Walter Cosman as the Vice President of Hospitality.
Cosman joins the 2014 Canadian Beer of the Year winning brewery, with over 15 years in the beer industry. With his experience as both the President of Steamworks Brewing and the General Manager of Granville Island Brewing in Vancouver, Cosman brings a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that will be invaluable to the Fraser Valley based brewery.
“I’m thrilled to be joining the passionate and talented team at Old Yale. With my experience in the craft beer industry, I know that we can bring the brewery to the next level, exposing more beer lovers to the delicious line-up we have to offer,” stated Cosman.
Along with the addition of Cosman, the brewery further strengthens their management team with the promotion of Zach VanLeeuwen as the new General Manager, previously the Operations Manager. VanLeeuwen came on board in 2014 and has played a pivotal role in the brewery’s impressive growth and expansion over the past 4 years.
“Since I joined Old Yale, I’ve seen it grow from a team of just 3 to the 20 we now have in the family. Our journey is just beginning and bringing on someone with the level of pedigree that Walter brings to the table is huge for us. I’m looking forward to working closely with him as we lead our energetic, dynamic and hard-working team,” said VanLeeuwen.


Wanderbrew BC: A brew day with Old Yale Brewing

Originally posted on wanderbrewbc.com

Author: Jamie, Wanderbrew BC

A brew day with Old Yale Brewing

A drive east out of Vancouver for us normally means B-lining it straight to Penticton and thinking nothing of the Fraser Valley. Earlier this week that changed when we headed to Old Yale Brewing in Chilliwack for the very first time!

It’s a little far off from our regular Vancouver craft beer scene but we were excited to check it out! The only interaction we had had with Old Yale was months ago when we bought a Summer Craft Cooler pack of their four core beers: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Mango and Blonde. We loved the beer, but unfortunately had never been to the brewery or picked anything else up from them since. The opportunity for a showcase with Old Yale was welcomed and we planned a day of brewing and tasting at their very welcoming tasting room.

Old Yale Brewing is all about their series!

To start their six core beers are perfect for just about any outdoor experience you’ve got planned. Some of the names themselves give it away: BC Backyard Lager, Off Trail Pale Ale or Old Paddle Pilsner. Every brightly coloured can features a stick man in the outdoors doing activities that range from camping to hiking and even up river without a paddle. Their idea is to embrace the outdoors in their beer and find a taste that fits any outdoor adventure you might find yourself on. They have a Lager that you’d drink around a campfire in your backyard, a big flavoured hoppy IPA to get you out of a funk on those wet, dark west coast days, a Pale Ale that would satisfy anyone’s thirst after a mountain hike, and a mango infused Wheat beer for those hot and sandy beach days.

They also have a Tall Tale Series, which is based on local BC folk-lore. The award-winning and extremely popular Sasquatch Stout is based on the stories of local Sasquatch sightings, which have been documented for over 200 years. Their Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier and Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout both coincide with folklore of ghost, ghouls, and mysterious happenings in the Fraser Valley. Intrigued? Try googling it and you’ll get hammered with tons of stories.

They also have their Trailblazer Series. It’s a little less spooky than the previous series but no less tasty. It focuses on new, unique flavour pairings, as well as, collaborations with partnered breweries. Currently the Oak Aged Braggot collaboration with 2 Crows Brewing Co. is a strong, bold, oak-aged Braggot (Braggot is a form of mead brewed with honey and barley). The bottle coincides with the outdoor styled labeling of their core beers as it sports the well-known Mt. Cheam and Lady Peak. The single small batch limited releases have been a fun way to spice up Old Yale’s brewing life. They are always available in pints and bottles in the tasting room and you’ll see them around the liquor stores, but once they’re gone, they are gone! In the past they have also done a Himalayan Salted Caramel Porter, Fresh Hop Double IPA, a Wet Hop Sour Weisse, and a Kettle Sour Plum Porter.

We spent the day with Nick Fengler, the Brewmaster at Old Yale, a young guy with a lot of experience. He was originally a Field Biologist with degrees in chemistry and biology but 7 years ago he made a big career change. Starting his new journey with Ravens Brewing and later becoming a founding developer of the Brewing and Brewery Operations course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, he moved on to Dead Frog and became head brewer within a short period of time. Jumping that ship the opportunity at Old Yale Brewing came up and he started back in May of 2017. Since than Old Yale has seen their family grow with a number of new young additions that continue to spark life into the brand and the beer itself. The whisper of expanding the brewery is getting louder and louder as their current facility is packed full of tanks and office space. Lucky they have room to expand their operation into neighbouring buildings and continue to build the flourishing brand.

We were lucky enough to have most of the tasting room to ourselves. But as with many brewery tasting rooms, Mondays can be pretty sleepy! Although from 1pm onwards a steady stream of locals and visitors did fill up the space. Why wouldn’t they!? The tasting room is absolutely beautiful, the 10 beer tasting list has something for everyone, there’s pizza ready to eat at 11am, and the staff were some of the friendliest we’d met. Although modern and clean-cut you also get a sense of coziness while sitting at any of the high top tables. Prices are right and they have a flight and pizza deal, so I mean it’s a quick stop that could easily turn into an entire afternoon or evening.

Speaking of evenings, Old Yale has got some pretty great reoccurring event nights that have definitely gotten local attention. Blast From the Cask is an event every Wednesday where they tap a new cask at 2pm including the occasional guest cask. Throwdown Thursday is a vintage video game and board game night, as well as, a beer and pizza deal (16oz. and 2 slices) for ten bucks. Lastly, every Sunday has turned into an Open Mic Night with a talented Old Yale employee leading the show until others join in. Get there early and stay late, because we’ve been told that the tasting room fills up pretty quickly!

In all honesty we had no idea how much was going on at Old Yale Brewing! The six core beer lineup they have would normally be enough for some breweries but they are continuing to experiment and collaborate to create some unique and high quality beers. With a couple of brewers and 4 other staff working in the back, it’s amazing they find the space, time and energy to produce such a large line up of beer. Not to mention the other tasting room staff that bring Old Yale Brewing to life. There’s a buzz when you enter the tasting room – it’s bright, colourful, and usually has something fun going on. The young energy is something to also note, even on a Monday everyone was smiling, laughing, and most importantly extremely welcoming. Not just to us either! Any interaction we saw was a warm, happy one at the very least.

Unlike many breweries that have been around for a long time Old Yale has not lost its craft pureness or community focus. Instead of pumping out the same old beer that they have always produced it is refreshing to see that they are committed to experimenting with new flavours and ideas. If you’re a local to the area we’d say you’re super lucky to have a spot like this to hang out at!

Favourite Staff Beer Picks (currently):

Nick (Head Brewer) – West Coast IPA, Oak Aged Braggot Collab

Trevor (Senior Brewer) – West Coast IPA

Heather (Marketing) – Sasquatch Stout, Moon Dance Mango Wheat

Lauren (Tasting Room) – Off Trail Pale Ale

Jamie (WanderBrewBC) – Off Trail Pale Ale

Haley (WanderBrewBC) – Moon Dance Mango Wheat

*Most, if not all, staff listed above said they liked them all, just depended on the occasion. We can definitely agree with that!

Make sure to check out and follow their instagram account @oldyalebrewing. It’s done extremely well! Lots of up to date information on beer releases and events.