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Places That Put the “Chill” in “Chilliwack”

Now that we’re well into the New Year, and things are finally beginning to wind down for everyone, we at Old Yale Brewing thought you might need an easy-going day to unwind, and it’s safe so say that Chilliwack serves as the perfect place to do so. We’ve gathered a list of things to do on a day when you need to just Chill. Feel free to fill your day with all of them, or just a few. Either way, we promise you will feel a little more at ease.


The best way to start off a laid back day is to spend the morning snuggled up with a coffee and a blanket by a quiet lake, and Cultus Lake is the place for just that! Usually the hustle and bustle of the Fraser Valley in the summer, Cultus in its off-season offers quite the serene experience. Give yourself some lake-side “me time”, or have a nice chat with a friend . Either way, you can’t go wrong with that gorgeous view.


After sitting on one of the many docks and enjoying the beauty of Cultus Lake, you’ll probably want to stretch out your legs. The Vedder River Trail is immersed in nature and stunning mountain-views, making it a great place to take a stroll. Calming sounds of the rushing water are guaranteed to sweep you up in the Vedder River’s incredible surroundings. It’s also dog friendly, so you can bring along your furry pal!  


Next up: Luna Float. Ever wish you could just float away? Well, now you can! Floating Therapy is the newest trend in health and wellness and is a fabulous form of self-care. Re-center your mind, body and soul at Luna Float in one of their spacious, calming Float Tanks. With such a “Zen” persona, you’ll feel relaxed just walking in there. Their knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have and will always ensure that you are comfortable and that you leave feeling rejuvenated!


Now that you’re all relaxed from your float, you will probably be looking for a more laid-back activity to pursue; cue The Bookman. Located in the heart of downtown Chilliwack, The Bookman is a new & used book store that has been in the owner’s family for two generations. It’s vast selection of new and used books makes it the second largest bookstore in all of BC and offers endless possibilities for a good literature escape. It even has a quiet sitting corner where you can read a page or two before deciding if it’s the book for you. Not to mention the fact that they have their very own store Cat, Netizsche! Books, cats, and Quiet corners… what more could you possibly need to kick-back?!


And last but not least, come visit the Old Yale Tasting Room of course! Because there’s no better way to end a day of relaxing than kicking back with a cold beer (…or two!). We don’t mean to be biased, but we really do think that our Tasting Room makes for a perfect place to hang and chill out and enjoy yourself!  We have blankets, cold craft beer, snacks and our new expansion room is full of comfy places to cozy up in. Whether it be alone with your read from The Bookman or with the company of good friends, our welcoming staff, chances of alpine glow views and a laid-back atmosphere make for a great way to just chill.

Cheers to Chill Days!  

Valentine’s Day: Beerly Beloved Food Pairings

Craft Beer, Food, and Treats; is there a better trio? With Valentine’s Day upon us, we thought getting all three of them together would be a pretty great way to celebrate. Whether your plans are to binge on candy with friends, eat ice cream alone, or have a romantic meal with your main squeeze, we’ve got a beer for it. So “beer our Valentine” and indulge in one of these delightful pairings…

Knotty Blonde Ale & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Get Knotty this Valentine’s Day by pairing chocolate covered strawberries and our crisp, clean and straightforward Knotty Blonde Ale. Chocolate covered strawberries have always been a romantic classic, and while they are often paired with champagne, we believe our Knotty Blonde Ale is a much better choice, leaving room for your palette to enjoy the full flavor of juicy strawberries and rich chocolate. 

BC Backyard Lager & Figs

We’ll admit it, figs are a pretty obscure pairing to suggest for V-day. But hear us out… Figs have been largely associated with fertility, and ancient Greeks even had a rather, for lack of a better term, intimate ritual to celebrate the fig harvest season. So, it’s pretty easy to say that Figs are quite a bit “sexier” than people give them credit for! Pair these with our BC Backyard Lager to balance out the sweetness of the fruit, and you’ve got yourself a match that even Cupid himself would approve of!  

Moon Dance Mango Wheat & Hershey’s Kisses

Who doesn’t want their Valentine’s Day to be filled with dancing and kisses! Notes of Mango will do the tango on your taste-buds with our fruit Moon Dance Mango Wheat. Pairing our juiciest beer with the classic choice of Hershey’s Kisses allows you to enjoy the sweetness of both without it being too overpowering. Not that we think you could ever be too sweet ; ) 

West Coast IPA & Flowers 

What could possibly be better than flowers on Valentine’s Day? Why, Flowers and Craft Beer of course! With its very own floral bouquet of flavours, we thought our bold and hoppy West Coast IPA was the clear choice for this pairing – though we don’t actually suggest eating the flowers… our IPA is floral enough!

Off Trail Pale Ale & Fondue 

Valentine’s Day is cheesy, we know, but wanted to make it even cheesier with this food pairing. Spend your evening dipping pumpernickel and other savoury snacks into a fountain flowing cheese and match it up with our perfectly balanced & refreshing Off Trail Pale Ale. This combo is so delicious, it’ll make you melt too! No fondue fountain? No Problem! You can also opt for our Off Trail Pale Ale Cheese dip recipe. Nothing says “I’m Fondue of you” like beer and cheese!

River Valley Amber & Cinnamon Hearts

If you’ve got a burning love for your sweetie, we suggest that the two of you spice up your evening by coupling our River Valley Amber with the ever-so-classic cinnamon hearts. This pair will create a sipping experience that is as unique as your love for each other *audience aws*. The cinnamon complements the malt & caramel of our Amber so nicely, you’ll wish it was Valentine’s Day, Everyday!

Sasquatch Stout & Oysters

We’re sure you we’re expecting to see Oysters on our list, but we wouldn’t blame you for raising an eyebrow when we suggest that you team them up with our award-winning Sasquatch Stout. When it comes to culinary science (#science), they make a lot more sense than you would expect. When paired together, the saltiness of the Oyster and the richness of roast and chocolate will be enhanced, complimenting the bitterness and leaving you a smooth, and “sensual” finish. Not to mention that Oysters, Chocolate and Coffee are all considered, you guessed it, Aphrodisiacs.

Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout & Vanilla Ice Cream

Not all these pairings were made for lovers, we’ve got you covered if you’re your own Valentine with our Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout paired perfectly with Vanilla Ice Cream (preferably a whole tub of it!). What was once plain vanilla ice cream will now be complimented by rich notes of chocolate and coffee, even more smooth and sweet! So, grab yourself a spoon and throw on a sappy rom-com (or a horror movie, whatever suits you) and enjoy.

Himalayan Salted Caramel Porter & Chocolate Cupcakes

Every “kiss begins with Cake”, that’s the slogan right? Well we’re making it one with Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Cake. Though our Himalayan Salted Caramel Porter is already malty, rich and delicious, we suggest going all out with this pairing if you’ve got a sugar craving that you just can’t satisfy. Is there really a better day to totally binge out on chocolate? We didn’t think so! 

Vanilla Cardamom Imperial Red & Creme Brule

 As one of our Trailblazers, you’re going to want to enjoy this limited release while you still can, so pair it with Crème Brule this Valentine’s Day and you won’t be sorry. The silky smoothness of vanilla will be brought to the forefront in both the dessert and our delicious Vanilla Cardamom lmperial Red. Say “be mine” this Valentine’s Day with this sweet pairing!

Beer & More Beer

If for some reason you don’t fancy any of these pairings, you can always stick to the star of our show: beer! Spice it up on Valentine’s Day with our Craft Cooler or Craft Camper variety packs because showing someone you love them is easy with beer!

Flagship February: Celebrating a Classic

We can’t deny the excitement of a rotating tap list – trying a unique, limited edition beer is always an enjoyment for craft fans.  But this month, we are hoping to shift the focus and celebrate the beers that are here all year ’round…

Flagship February is a campaign in the craft beer industry that encourages breweries to take time and acknowledge the beer that has influenced their culture and contributed to where they are today. Being a part of the craft community since 1999, we think this is a great way to reminisce and celebrate the brew that propelled us into being the Brewery we are today, almost 20 years later.

Voted “Best Beer in Canada” in 2014, our Sasquatch Stout is an indisputable contender for our featured #FlagshipFebruary beer. It has been with us since the very beginning and is easily the most popular of our Tall Tale Series. Not only does it’s smooth notes of mocha leave you wanting more, the story behind it is just as equally intriguing.

As the original and mysterious member, our beloved Sasquatch built the foundation for our Tall Tale Series. Inspired by the sightings of “Big Foot” in Chilliwack’s surrounding areas, our Sasquatch Stout has added a touch of mystery to Old Yale Brewing. Now joined by four other folk-lore inspired brews; our Yeti White Stout, our Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout, our Devilfish Single Malt & Double Hop IPA (SMaSH), and our Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier. However, just like the folklore itself, the Sasquatch Stout is most notorious, and remains greatly sought after…

Our Sasquatch Stout is brewed with Magnum Hops, and a Malt combination of 2-row Pale, Oats, Roast, and Chocolate. Smooth, with notes of mocha, coffee and roasted barley, you can catch your own Sasquatch Sighting in our Craft Cooler (355ml), our tall can 4-pack (473ml) and of course the original format, our 650ml bomber. Find our #FlagshipFebruary beer near you here.

Coffee, chocolate AND mystery? How could it not be legendary?

Beer Cocktail: Petey Pies Muay Thai Mango Mai Tai

We won’t be the first to say it; it has been COLD out here in Chilliwack! Just when we thought that we were having a nice and warm winter, a cold snap sneaks up on us. But here at Old Yale Brewing, we’ve been keeping warm our latest exotic Beer Cocktail; Pete Pies Muay Thai Mango Mai Tai. Inspired by our resident Muay Tai master, Pete, this delicious Beer Cocktail is smooth and tropical. But don’t let its sweetness fool you because this drink packs some serious punch!


• 1oz Malibu

• 1oz Black Rum

• 1oz Cointreau

• 1oz Lime Juice

• 0.5oz Simple Syrup

• Our Moon Dance Mango Wheat Ale

• 3 Dashes Bitters

• Pineapple, cherries, and a drink umbrella

Step 1: Add Malibu, Black Rum, Cointreau, Lime juice, and simple syrup to a 12oz Old Yale Brewing glass.

Step 2: Top with 5.5oz of our Moon Dance Mango Wheat Ale.

Step 3: Shake in 3 Dashes of Bitters.

Step 4: Garnish with pineapple, a cherry and a drink umbrella.

Step 5: Take a sip, close your eyes and pretend you’re somewhere warmer.

And voila! A drink that will help you forget all about winter.  


CONTEST: We want to hear from you…AGAIN!

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We’re always looking for ways to better your experience with Old Yale Brewing, so we’ve put together another survey because we want to hear from you directly!

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It’s as simple as that! We’ll randomly draw our lucky winner on Monday, February 25th. You must be 19+ to enter this contest. No purchase necessary to win. Cheers!

CONTEST: Wanna win a snowy getaway for 2 to Sun Peaks?

Friends! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre to give one of our lucky followers a 2-night stay in the their hotel. A snowy adventure? How fun! Plus, we’re throwing in a $50 Old Yale Brewing gift card, a 64oz. Growler and 2 Old Yale Toques (gotta keep you warm).

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Guest Blog: The Latest at Old Yale Brewing

Originally posted here.  The Fraser Valley partner stories.

Known as one of the Fraser Valley’s pioneers in craft beer, Old Yale Brewery opened in 1999 and has been successfully navigating through the industry ever since. We shadowed Old Yale’s Brewmaster, Nick Fengler, where he showed us around the back and walked us through their brewing process. Afterwards we headed into the newest expansion of their tasting room and a few members of the team gathered to christen the space over freshly poured pints.

It’s the combo of refreshing beer, food sourced from local restaurants and a warm cabin-like atmosphere, that undoubtedly makes Old Yale Brewing Co irresistible to any craft beer enthusiast.

TFV: Where did the vision for Old Yale Brewery come from, and how did it happen?
Our vision comes from our home. Located near the gateway to the pristine and breathtaking Chilliwack River Valley, our home gives us a fresh perspective that not only shapes who we are, but also how we approach the craft of making great beer. Since our start in 1999, we’ve always stayed true to our roots; seeking perfect balance using the finest, all-natural ingredients combined with Canada’s best drinking water.

TFV: What is your hope for people after they’ve experienced coming to your brewery?
At Old Yale, we live by the motto that life is meant to be celebrated, enjoyed with those closest to you. We want to be a part of that experience for our customers. We’re all about adventures, both outside and for our taste buds. Our hope is that customers feel comfortable, empowered and excited to take adventures with us. So, whether it’s after a day of exploring Mt. Thom, taking a stroll along Vedder River or just kicking back on a relaxing Sunday, nothing beats good food and great craft beer with even better friends at Old Yale.

TFV: Who are some of the local providers that you use for the food that you offer?
Along with sourcing local ingredients for our beer whenever possible, our Tasting Room menu has been crafted by local restaurants. We currently offer paninis, wraps and soups from local restaurant Curly Kale Eatery, we feature charcuterie boards on the weekends from Hofstede’s Country Barn and we of course have local pizza available from Jim’s Pizza.

TFV: How did you get into crafting beer?
I started brewing professionally about 7 years ago. I had recently graduated from University with a Biology/Chemistry degree and was working as a field biologist. It became clear quickly that it wasn’t my passion and I had always been interested in flavours and how they combined – whether it was beer, wine or food, so with some encouragement from a few of my homebrewing friends, I reached out to a few local breweries to see what options might be available.

I heard back from Tony Dewald (currently Brewmaster at Trading Post Brewing) at Dead Frog Brewing at the time and began an informal apprenticeship under him. There were many, many nights spent scrubbing kegs and cleaning tanks, but I was a quick study and became a brewer, eventually becoming their Head Brewer within 2 years. After that I helped set up and begin the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma as the Practical Brewing Instructor and Chemistry Lab Instructor. My time there was followed by a few years establishing Ravens Brewing in Abbotsford, before I finally landed home, here at Old Yale Brewing as the Brewmaster in 2017.

TFV: How have you seen your Brewery evolve?
It’s been a crazy journey since 1999, especially the last few years that I’ve been here. Along with nearly doubling our employees over the last few years, we’ve expanded our size and capabilities too. This past November, we expanded our Tasting Room, doubling its size and capacity, and we’re so proud of the space we’ve created for our customers to hang out with us in. It’s cozy, it’s comfortable and it’s the perfect backdrop to enjoy our hand-crafted beers in, especially when we have live music going on (every Sunday, 3-7pm). And now that our Tasting Room expansion is complete, we’re working away on our brewhouse expansion, again doubling its size and capacity which is so exciting for all of us, but especially my brewhouse team – more space means more beer, more space to perfect our quality assurance, packaging and everything in between … and of course more cleaning. All these big moves are helping us share the Old Yale story and get our tasty beers into the hands of local craft lovers. It’s a very exciting time to be at Old Yale.

TFV: What’s your favourite thing about Old Yale Brewery?
Old Yale Brewing has an amazing team. There is so much support for everyone no matter your department – from Packaging Assistants to Sales to our Tasting Room Staff, everyone celebrates and is eager to learn about beer, ensuring that we have the absolute best product on shelves. We strive to maintain high quality and consistency, while being able to provide a uniquely Fraser Valley take on craft beer – without our team, this just wouldn’t be possible.

TFV: What’s your go-to Old Yale Brewery beer?
All the bold, hoppy goodness that is our West Coast IPA. Boasting huge hop flavour, but also a balanced drinkability, we pack this IPA with Citra and Galaxy hops and it pairs perfectly with some of my favourite spicy dishes.


IPA or Stout?
That’s tough. It depends on the situation… food or no food? Weather? Season? Camp fire or patio? … I’d probably lean towards an IPA, but a Stout sounds good right now, especially our newly released Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout.  

Indoors or Outdoors?
Outdoors of course. The Fraser Valley is home to some of the most beautiful trails, rivers, hikes and mountains. It’s inspiring, and if it were up to me, I’d spend all my free time (especially in the Spring and Summer) exploring the outdoors with my friends and family.  

Hiking or Biking?
Hiking. I enjoy exploring old favourites and new trails in the Fraser Valley. They’re practically endless, so hiking takes the cake for me.

TFV: How have you seen the community change and grow over the years?
The Fraser Valley is growing and growing and it’s amazing to see. From new local businesses taking charge to some big players coming into town, it’s incredible to watch our home thrive, especially when it comes to the local food and craft beer scene. Seeing the craft beer conversation and awareness in the Valley grow is very exciting for us at Old Yale – a result of passionate and inspiring businesses crushing it.

TFV: What are some local businesses that inspire you? And why?
Being located in Chilliwack, we’re in the heart of local hop farms, which as a Brewer is all the inspiration I need to craft unique and exceptional recipes. But along with admiring those beauties, I love to spend my free-time exploring the local food and craft beer scene. A few of my favourites are Fraser Valley Meats in Chilliwack, I stop there frequently on my way home from work especially during BBQ season.  In Abbotsford, Old Hand Coffee, they have a great vibe and really set themselves apart and, in my hometown, Mission, I’ve recently discovered Blackberry Kitchen, I was blown away by their menu. I could name SO many local businesses, the Fraser Valley really is the place to be.

TFV: If each of you could recommend one place in the Fraser Valley, what would it be? And why?
Harrison Lake. It’s an awe-inspiring, peaceful setting with gorgeous mountains surrounding an ocean-like lake – so relaxing. I’ve spent many summers up there and although the water is brisk, it’s just an awesome location, especially for families!

Whether it’s from the moment you take the first sip of your pint or when you’re awkwardly waving goodbye with a six pack under your arm and a full growler in your hand; it’s thanks to the team’s dedication and friendly nature, that you’re sure to leave Old Yale with a smile.

Yeti: The Man(?), The Myth, The Legend.

 For decades, you have heard the stories of an elusive Fur-Covered beast named Sasquatch. Documentaries have been made, sightings have been claimed, and even scientists have taken their go at proving his existence. But too often, Sasquatch takes the spotlight away from his fascinating cousin… The Yeti.

 The history of the Yeti began with the Himalayan Folklores, telling the Tall Tale of a very large, muscular, man-like creature covered in White Fur, living in the snow-covered mountains of Asia. The stories often portray the Yeti as a dangerous brute and was used to warn local residents and children about the dangers of exploring too far outside of the villages and encourage them to stay safe and close to the communities.

 The folklore began to spread across the nations, eventually having the tales make their way throughout Russia, China, Nepal, and even all the way over to us, in North America. Becoming well known as the Abominable Snowman, the search for proof of his existence traces all the way back to 326 BC, when Alexander the Great ordered to have locals bring him the beast after his conquering of the Indus Valley. Since then countless people have been on the hunt.  In fact, National Geographic even created a show documenting a team of explorers’ pursuit of the Yeti.

Still at large, it really is difficult to not want to believe in such a terrifying and mysterious creature. And while we may never have solid evidence that this folklore is more than just a folklore, we can take a little comfort knowing that we can safely enjoy its presence in the form of a nice, cold Tall Pint.

As tribute to this occult beast we at Old Yale Brewing have re-released our Yeti White Stout, as part of our Tall Tale Series. But its appearance is here for a short time, making it as rare as the folklore itself. So be sure to stop in our Tasting Room or one of the participating Private Liquor Stores to have your own Yeti sighting, before it’s too late.

To find our Yeti, along with all of our other products, check out our online store locator here!

Beer Cocktail: Midnight Negroni

It’s 2019, and what better way to celebrate a new year than with a new Beer Cocktail! At Old Yale we love to try new things, and our Beer Cocktails are no exception. We are always trying to keep things fun and fresh, so we just had to share our delicious Midnight Negroni. Try this refreshing and easy recipe at home!    


Step 1:

In your 12 oz. Old Yale Brewing glass, add 1oz of Gin, 1oz Sweet Vermouth and 2 oz Aperol.

Step 2:

Top up glass with 8 oz of our award-winning Sasquatch Stout.

Step 3:

Garnish with a fresh twist of Orange.

And there you have it! A classic favorite with a delicious Old Yale twist.  


Recipe by Joanna, Old Yale Brewing Tasting Room Manager.

NEW BREW: Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout

Cold winter nights deserve soul-warming beers, which is exactly why we’re re-releasing our sweet and smooth Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout.

Along with a high ABV, this Stout has a deliciously full flavor profile. Cozy up with the Screaming Banshee’s rich notes of espresso and dark chocolate, and its incredibly smooth Irish Cream finish.  Enjoy it with a Hearty Stew, a Irish Steak Pie, or you could even try making your own Screaming Banshee No-Churn Ice Cream! We promise it won’t disappoint.

ABV %: 7.5

HOPS: Magnum

MALT: 2-row Pale, Oats, Roast, Chocolate

As a returning favorite of our Tall Tale Series, the Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout is available in 650ml Bomber bottles and can be picked up while visiting our Old Yale Tasting Room NOW, or can be bought at your local Private liquor store within the next week or so. And watch for it on tap in your local restaurants and bars.

Cheers friends!